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Production process inspection, quality control

Waston Chem has advanced quality management concept, strives to build an excellent quality control system, implements the comprehensive management system TQM from IQC, PQC and FQC/OQC, relies on the introduction and accumulation of R & D and production technology. 

And all plant has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification.

Equipment Introduction

Analytical equipment: 1 set of LC-MS, 2 sets of HPLC, 2 sets of GC, 1 set of GPC, 1 set of APHA meter, 1 set of electronic analytical balance, 1 set of turbidity meter, 2 sets of moisture meter, 1 set of ultra-pure water meter, 1 set of muffle furnace, 1 set of melting point meter.

Quality Management System

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